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Jason D’Vaude’s comedic juggling, fire, and balancing acts include precarious stunts, sharp objects, and a dash of danger – all with a smile and a laugh. Jason performs for all audiences, from sophisticated corporate events to children's programs. 

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Come see the amazing Jason D’Vaude, The Circus Man, who showcases advanced circus skills in a show that's fun for the whole family. Jason hopes to inspire by demonstrating what’s possible with enough dedication and courage. You’ll see audience participation, sleight of hand, dangerous stunts of balance, and much more. Come see what will come out of the circus trunk next!

Although Jason grew up with significant social anxiety, he now joyfully travels across the U.S. as a full-time entertainer, a journey he began in 2003. Born and based in Kansas City, Missouri, Jason D’Vaude continues to captivate audiences nationwide.


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The streets of Kansas City never knew what hit them. Armed with training from his distinguished masters, the Power Rangers and the Ninja Turtles, young Jason fearlessly climbed to the very top of every tree and jungle gym he could. An avid learner, he dedicated his time to artistic and athletic endeavors such as tai chi, bicycle motocross, pogo stick, juggling, and magic.


In 2006, Jason began performing as part of the comedy circus duo Better than Nothing. He was also part of Kansas City’s premiere fire dance performance group, Vesuvius Tribe. Today he performs his signature full-length comedy show full of juggling, clowning, and fire artistry.


Believe it or not, Jason was a shy kid. Enduring an endlessly awkward adolescence only amplified his easygoing, daredevil attitude and inspires his irreverent and charming style of humor.


These days, Jason has matured (a little) and so has his act. His penchant for learning drives him to continuously seek new goals to personally fulfill as well as professionally entertain. In between taking his show to new audiences around the world, he focuses on executing handstands with perfect form, learning new comedy techniques, catering to the every whim of his two cats, and juggling ever more peculiar objects.


"Hiring Jason to perform in front of 200 fiber artists and enthusiasts was a fantastic decision. This group of mostly older and conservative women reacted just like I hoped they would — just like every crowd of 20-somethings, kids, and hipsters I’ve ever seen react to his overwhelming charm, wit, and talent — they loved it. If you want your face to hurt from all the smiling, hire this guy!"

Jacey Faulkner

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