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one man. two shows.


This is the perfect all-ages show for all venues that allow fire.


-Fire juggling

-Fire dance

-Fire eating



-Stage or Street

-Speakers, Mic & Music Included


-Can be performed indoors in some cases

-25-30 minutes or less 

-Stage or Street


-Speakers, Mic & Music Included


In this show you will find Jason D'Vaude bantering to a growing crowd and they can't help but join in the fun.


Tall Unicycle

Chinese Yoyo


Hat Juggling

Super HIGH juggling!

Comedy and audience participation



-With or with out fire

-Inside or Out

-Speakers, Mic & Music Included

the hybrid

Jason D'Vaude The Circus Man at the Kent

the message



Can't decide?
Jason often brings the two acts together, tailored for the occasion.

Jason is embarking on a new mission:
to use his years on the stage not just to entertain, but to inspire and motivate. 

It should be noted that this is brand new and undeveloped! However, the journey must start somewhere.

Whether it be principles of the stage that translate to other realms of life, such as confidence and communication, or speaking through the metaphor of balance - Jason is yearning to find out what is most useful to others by going more in depth.

Interested in being a guinea pig? Contact Jason for a discounted rate that works for everyone. 


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